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WE ARE CODEY AND LOGAN! YOUR HUSBAND-AND-WIFE PHOTO AND VIDEO DUO! WE ARE TWO PASSIONATE STORYTELLERS WHO STRIVE TO CREATE SOME KICK ASS CONTENT AND HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT. WE LIVE FOR ADVENTURE AND LOVE TRAVELING. we are suckers for hopeless romantics and capturing details. being able to photograph and film WEDDINGS AND ELOPEMENTs IN A UNIQUE AND INTIMATE WAY IS WHAT makes it all worth it. IT’S WHAT FUELS US AND WE ARE SO BLESSED TO be able to take something like photography and film and turn it into something so much more. 

photo by loraleah Marie photography

Between the Grove


Codey and I met in college. Back in 2016
(ah yes! the good old pre-covid days) Haha! We knew right away that there was a spark between us that we had not felt before with anyone else. Soon we fell in love and have been together since! Over the years together we grew our family with some beautiful
fur-babies! We have a 4-year-old Dachshund named Seras who is the sweetest little sausage you will ever meet; she never stops licking and will cuddle with you any chance she can get! Then we have Quiet, she's our 1-year-old Shiba Inu and actually, surprisingly quiet haha! She's very laid back but loves to get attention. Her airplane ears are to die for! She also looks just like a little a fox! And of course, last but not least we have our most recent addition to the family, Migi. Her and Quiet are actually half-sisters! We got her in December of 2020. She is the polar opposite of Quiet and very spunky. She's also not very quiet haha! Together we live in Rochester NY. On any given day you can typically find us all cuddled up on the couch watching TV. Our current favorite shows are Outlander, The Witcher, The Mandalorian, and WandaVision!

 Our Story

hey there! i'm


it's nice to meet you! you could say i'm the heart and soul of between the grove. i started photography back in 2014. i wanted to find an outlet to express myself and my art in a way that i couldn't do through other means. my soul desire is to create something beautiful and authentic that will leave the subject feeling captivated and longing for more. i seek adventure on a regular basis. my inner sagittarius screams for it. i'm very free spirited and a go with the flow type of girl. i'm all about creating a safe enviroment for everyone that i work with. i want my clients to feel comfortable and at ease when we work together. my style is very warm and moody but editorialesque. i absolutely love planning engagement sessions and prepping for the big day. if you have any questions at all, i'm happy to assist in any way; from location scouting to prepping the final details and the nitty gritty. i'm here for you every step of the way!

it's nice to meet you! i  have a passion for filmmaking and (flannels) haha! my love for film came at a very early age. i watched movies like star wars, lord of the rings, blade runner etc. and new that this was what i wanted to do. i love taking something like a wedding video and turning it into something so much more. i want you to look back at your wedding or elopement for years to come and see art. at between the grove i'm the technical genius. i have a strong passion for creating the perfect scene through lighting and audio mixing. whether i'm side by side with logan on photos or your video, you can expect to get the most cinematic look and feel for you day.

hey there! i'm


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